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Unhealthy Attachments

As the door turns on its hinges, so does a lazy one on his bed.

In a typical house, doors are supported on three hinges. They keep the door securely in place; from leaving its position. We don’t have to worry about it falling off or being located somewhere else in the house. If it's securely attached, it's not going anywhere.

Three things we find ourselves easily attached to are ease, comfort and pleasure. The problem occurs when they become the primary pursuit of life…when they replace other priorities. They can easily open the door to laziness as a way of life.

Like the prophet Isaiah and the apostle Paul, we have been called by God for a special purpose in life (Isaiah 49:1, Romans 1:1, Romans 8:28). We are born with gifts and aptitudes that are given to us according to His calling. We develop skills, and the events of life over time prepare us for His purposes. Laziness is not one of them.

Besides, ease, comfort and pleasure, we often become attached to other things that lead us away from a “higher” calling:

● Selfish ambition

● Greed

● Desire to please others or gain their approval

● Pride

● Sensuality

● Fear

● Confusion/Lack of focus

● Procrastination

● Anger/Bitterness

● Past emotional wounds

Are you attached to something that is keeping you from accomplishing more in life? Have you ever considered, “What has God called me to do…at this time in my life?” Has something else replaced God as the priority in life? Be on guard for “unhealthy” attachments. They can not only lead to laziness, but lock you in on the wrong side of the door of life.


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