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HEC Kids
For K-5th Grades

HEC Kids meet Sundays at 10:30 AM


The mission of The Higher Expectations Church HEC Kids Ministry is to teach children the Gospel of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Holy Bible. Children will learn biblical truths that will guide them in a loving relationship with God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and learn the application of biblical principles to encourage living a God-honoring life.


Our hope is to provide the best environment possible for the children as they learn about the story of God and how every part of the Bible reminds of us of the truth of the gospel. It is our belief that regardless of the age, the Spirit is both willing and able to engage the hearts of little children.

HEC Youth
For 6th - 12th Grades
Group Hug
HEC Adults

We strongly believe that discipleship happens in community. At its core, this means that we were designed to follow Jesus in the context of relationships with other followers of Christ. Community Groups are about living on mission together, doing life together, growing together, and being transformed by the Gospel together. Join one of our community groups to get connected today!

Serve at The HEC

We Have multiple opportunities to serve at The HEC. From our food pantry, school partnerships, community Development Corporation and our community events there are multiple ways to serve with us.

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