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This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. Psalm 118:23

Together as we work the process of preparing the facilities for ministry both to our members and community in four ways.


Repairs, what are the repairs that are needed immediately. Such as electrical, plumbing, gutters, doors, lights, heating and cooling units, walkways, excessive tree overgrowth, playground equipment, the parking lot and gates to name a few. We recognize as we continue new and unexpected repairs will surface. 


Removal, what must be removed and replaced to prepare the 702 properties for current and future use. The removal of old and outdated school equipment, such as desk, tables, chairs and books. 


We also identified the need to remove many items throughout the building that presented possible fire hazards due to excessive cluttering or the combustible nature of the material. 


To date we have made multiple trips to dispose of such items in addition to multiple dumpster and trash pickups.


Renovations, we have discovered the property structure to be in sound and solid shape providing years of service. However, like so much of life there is the necessity to update as the natural wear and tear takes a toll on things. It’s also wise to move into a season of modernization for greater ministry effectiveness.


Here are a few ways we are moving in that direction. Removing and relocating the current kitchen from the worship building to the multiple purpose building. Building a wall divider to separate the main sanctuary from the lobby/foyer area. Upgrading the AC units throughout the property. 


Repurposing the library to classroom and meeting spaces, updating the children’s space with new flooring and equipment. Replacing the lobby furniture with new items. Installing both an alarm system and cameras throughout the property. 


Upgrading the sound systems , lighting and seating in the sanctuary. We are all aware that many of these repairs and renovations will happen over several months, with that let’s remain prayerful and patient with the process and one another.


Why are we taking on such a large project at this time. Because we believe that reaching people and transforming lives matters to God. 


Those without hope in Jesus must be reached for Jesus and discipled. The current property at 702 Atasocita along with our members are simply instruments in the hands of God to fulfill the Great Commission and Great Commandment in our generation. 


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryant Lee 


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