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We exist to strengthen local urban, inner-city churches, pastors and the church planters serving in under resourced communities. We recognize that urban leaders require training and resources that are contextual and designed to compliment the unique needs of their communities and the people they serve.


Our hope is to come along side these leaders in four particular ways.

1. We provide assessments of pastors and church planters in the urban core.

2. We provide coaching and counsel to urban leaders designed to spur on healthy leadership.

3. We provide theological training and practical tools and resources that are needed in the urban ministry.

4. We partner when possible to provide financial support and to build life long ministry partnerships with committed Co-labors.


We have a saying at the Collaborative Fellowship, “nobody’s coming” we are the Calvary! It is because of this reality we are wholehearted committed to living life together and encouraging these inner city leaders to reach their full redemptive potential. We encourage you to consider joining our movement. ​

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We have adopted the Lausanne Covenant as our unifying statement of faith. The Lausanne Movement is a worldwide movement that mobilizes evangelical leaders to collaborate for world evangelization.

The Lausanne Covenant lays out fifteen specific categories of belief. The Lausanne Movement emphasizes the need to contextualize the gospel. The Lausanne Covenant is a call back to the Great Commission, offering a conservation of critical biblical values. In a time when church attendance is in decline, many are looking for other ways to fulfill the mandate of the church. This document, among others, sets an anchor to what the church’s biblical function is. In its evangelism, the church should address cultural change, be relevant, and remain true to the gospel.

The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. In that the Lausanne Covenant stresses the importance of the gospel, challenges believers to cooperate in sharing the gospel, and acknowledges the need for every person to be born again through faith in Christ, it is a good and helpful document. Like any doctrinal statement, of course, the Lausanne Covenant is man-made and only reflects imperfectly what God has perfectly encapsulated in Scripture.


The Collaborative Residency is designed to train and grow the next generation of urban leaders to impact the world where they live and do ministry. This is a robust learning community that expects each resident to be fully engaged during the process.


All residents are assigned a triad learning community that will meet monthly to complete assignments and report back to the leadership team. Additionally each resident will have a mentor and receive monthly coaching on life and leadership.


This residency requires a fair amount of reading and reflection papers in addition to a personal ministry project to be completed prior to graduation. We ask those who apply to consider the additional stress and time commitment that being in the residency may cause on the normal flow of life.


Our residents gather each month for 9 month over three day learning intensives. All residents are expected to make 100% of these intensive gatherings.

What You Need to Know:

1. When does your selection process for the Residency Program begin?

Candidates are encouraged to apply at anytime, applications are considered year round. Selections are made in the winter, the residency starts in March of each year.


2. What is required to apply?

Complete the residency application

Include your resume and required references

Complete an interview and assessment


3. How many Residents are selected for your program each year?

We will invite six to nine candidates to join the program each year.


4. Do you pay the Residents a stipend during the 9-month program?

What we cover:

All books and materials required for training travel expenses to and from Residency locations

Meals, lodging, conferences, mission trips and learning exposures are all covered by The Collaborative Fellowship

Residents can expect to spend a week on mission during the month of July.

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