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Don't Devalue the Valuable: Wednesday Wisdom

Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman without discretion

Throughout history gold has been considered the most valuable of metals by virtually every culture. It was used as a symbol of wealth, status, power, and excellence. No one would ever think of taking something like a gold ring and putting it in the nose of dirty animal such as a pig. This Proverb teaches us that a woman's beauty is a valuable gift, and for her to behave in a manner that shows lack of maturity, responsibility and judgment, is like taking what is valuable and letting it be dragged through the mud and waste.

We would never consider doing something like that...but we tend to do it all the time with relationships.

God has given us relationships of all kinds at every stage of life...some which turn out to be of great benefit to us, and others for us to cultivate, care for and develop. We have a tendency to devalue those relationships by taking them for granted. Sadly, its only after we lose or damage them that we realize their true value.

What relationships are you "dragging through the mud"? Which ones do you take for granted? Determine today to stop treating as common the valuable gifts from God, especially your relationship with Him through Christ.


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