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Discipline Leads To Life

Proverbs 5:22-23

The iniquities done by a wicked man will trap him, And he will be held with the cords of his sin. He will die for lack of instruction (discipline), And in the greatness of his foolishness he will go astray and be lost.

In First Kings 1, we find King David very old and near the end of his life. One of his sons, Adonijah, took it upon himself to declare himself king, without David’s approval or knowledge. Adonijah, in his arrogance and boldness assembled a group of priests, commanders and other leaders to assist in a ceremony to validate his self-declaration to the throne. David’s intent, at the direction

of the Lord, was to make Solomon the next king.

But the key verse is found in 1 King 1:6 where we are told that David never corrected or questioned Adonijah’s behavior. Adonijah never received discipline from his father. Long story short, Adonijah never accepted David’s appointment of Solomon as king. He even tried to steal the kingdom from Solomon by manipulating Bathsheba, Solomon’s mother. Adonijah was soon killed afterwards.

Adonijah was “held by the cords” of his sins: selfishness, arrogance, manipulation and disrespect for authority (Kings David and Solomon). And it cost him his life.

What are you teaching (or not teaching) your children? Are you setting them up for unnecessary pain and heartache, and possibly death? Are there people in your circle of influence who will likely encounter difficulties without your godly influence? Is God in the process of disciplining you to keep you from being entangled in some unforeseen trap?

Discipline, instruction and correction are signs of love. They may be unpleasant for the moment, but later lead to a path of life.


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