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Good Medicine

“The ear that listens to and learns from the life-giving rebuke (reprimand, censure) Will remain among the wise. He who neglects and ignores instruction and discipline despises himself, But he who learns from rebuke acquires understanding [and grows in wisdom].” (AMP)

When I was a child, I used to hate getting sick from a cold. You would think it would have been a fun time for me. I got to stay home from school, watch cartoons all day, mom gave me some extra attention and made me something good to eat…what was there not to like?

The cold medicine. The cold medicine was thick and dark and smelled like burnt food that was left in the oven too long. And the taste…awful!

What made it worse was that I had to take it three or four times a day. As a kid at home from school, the cold medicine ruined what should have been a great time.

But with all of its negatives, the medicine did what it was designed to do…reduce my cold symptoms and help me to get better faster. It fixed what was needing correction in my body.

Oftentimes God has to correct us in different areas in our lives. The “medicine” used to correct us is sometimes unpleasant, uncomfortable and maybe even painful, always lasting longer than we want. But if we accept His medicine, we will come out better in the end.

One of God’s purposes for your life is to “conform” you to the image of Christ (Romans 8:29), i.e., to sovereignly direct the events of your life so that you begin to show the same essential nature and similar behavior as Christ.

Dedicate some quiet time this week to seek the Lord. Ask Him if some of the difficulties you are experiencing are actually “medicine” to correct an “ailment” in your life.

God’s medicine is designed to be “good medicine”. It is administered in accordance to His Divine love for you, and always leads you to greater wisdom.


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