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Fool's Gold

How much better it is to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen above silver.

In January 1848 gold was discovered in Coloma, California. This started what was called the “California Gold Rush”. People from all over the US and other parts of the world traveled to California to mine for gold and become rich. Most of these adventurers were rich in ambition but poor in the knowledge of rocks. They discovered and mined a type of rock that looked like gold ore, but was actually a common rock mostly made of iron. What they thought was of great value, was actually of little value. They had found Fool’s Gold.

There are actually three types of Fool’s Gold with a type of rock called “pyrite” being the most common. They look like real gold, but when poked, they flake, crumble and powder. When scraped, they will leave a dark green or black streak instead of a yellow streak like real gold. Basically when tested, Fool’s Gold fails the test. Its perceived value is only superficial.

In life we spend our time, thoughts and energy pursuing things we think have

value…promotions, cars, money, relationships, bigger houses, status, power and influence. We think these things will provide us with more happiness. But all too often when obtained, we find them lacking. When tested, they actually have less value than what was perceived. In short, they fail the test.

But God knows what’s real and what’s fake. He knows the “rock” that leads to true contentment, joy, satisfaction, inner peace and strength. That “rock” is wisdom, which begins with reverential fear (extreme respect) of Him.

What are you pursuing that has “perceived” value, but in the end is fake and superficial? In what are you investing all your time, energy and resources on a daily basis? Will it pass or fail the tests of life and time? Don’t be tricked by Fool’s Gold. Only the “rock” of wisdom has true value and will survive all the tests of life and time.


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