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Emotional Attachments

Proverbs 5:3 – 5 - Though the lips of the forbidden woman drip honey and her words are smoother than oil,in the end she’s as bitter as wormwood and as sharp as a double-edged sword.Her feet go down to death; her steps head straight for Sheol.

My teenage granddaughter has picked up some habits while she’s been staying with us. She’s definitely picked up my wife’s organization skills. Every so often, she will organize our pantry and kitchen, group things together and throw out food that has expired. But what she has not picked up from me is a love for leftovers. I grew up on leftovers so having food in the refrigerator for 2 or 3 days is okay, but for her leftovers are “expired” food with a date of now.

One day she was cleaning out the refrigerator and said to my wife, “You know Gigi, Papa must have an emotional attachment for old food. He keeps everything.” When I got home that evening, the trash can was full, and the refrigerator was well organized and spacious. I almost cried because my lunch for the next two days was gone.

Emotional attachments are strong because they are based on one of the foundational pillars of being human, our emotions. They can sway our thoughts, attitudes, responses to others and actions. They can change our priorities in life and as a result, the course of our lives.

This is seen throughout the Bible. In Numbers 13 and 14, ten of the twelve Hebrew spies brought back a report of the Promised Land that spread fear throughout the nation. The fear replaced faith in God and resulted in wandering in the desert for 40 years.

In 2 Samuel 11 – 12 King David’s emotional attachment to (lust for) Bathsheba led him to commit adultery and plan the murder of her husband. This resulted in the loss of a baby and chaos in his household for decades afterwards.

Solomon’s emotional attachment to his 1000 wives and concubines led him to forgo the wisdom God had given him in 1 Kings 3, and to worship other gods in 1 Kings 11. This resulted in a civil war that divided the nation and adversely affected the lives of millions for centuries.

Have you examined your emotional attachments lately? Are any of them a priority above the laws, commands and principles of God, or even God Himself? Like the words of a “forbidden woman” (adulteress), the attachments can start out innocent or appealing (like honey), but can result in bitterness in your life. Moses (Deuteronomy 6:4-6) and Jesus (Matthew 22:36-38) lay out the first principle for living: Love God first, above all. And the foundation of “love” is wrapped up in obedience.

Perhaps it’s time to clean out your “emotional refrigerator”.


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