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Are You Taking “Wisdom Blockers”?

Proverbs 15:5

A [flippant, arrogant] fool rejects his father’s instruction and correction, But he who [is willing to learn and] regards and keeps in mind a reprimand acquires good sense. (AMP)

Nearly one third of all Americans suffer from high blood pressure. And one of the most common ways to treat this condition is with a group of drugs called “beta blockers”. These drugs block the release of adrenaline and other stress hormones in the body. This has the effect of lowering a person’s heart rate and thus lowering the blood pressure.

A condition that affects all Americans to some degree is pride. Like high blood pressure, pride can affect your vision. It causes you to see the world from a very self-centered point of view where only your opinion matters, you have all the understanding you need, you have total control over your environment, you are the master and everyone else is there to serve your needs. the world is not only your “oyster”, but you think you’re the maker of the oyster.

Over time pride leads to a number of conditions that affect not only your life but the lives of others in your circle of influence. Like high blood pressure, pride can lead to an abnormal rhythm of life, choking off the vital flow of wisdom and fellowship from God. In a sense, it acts like a “wisdom blocker”. If left unchecked, “wisdom blockers” result in a total separation from God, which by definition is death. Maybe that’s why God hates it so much (Proverbs 6:16-19).

But God has a cure. It begins with steady doses of humility. Humility can be injected into your life in a number of ways: damaged relationships, disappointments, events occurring that you cannot control, bad decisions, frustration, and being in a state of constant anger. Once humility takes effect, then the “flow of wisdom and fellowship” can begin again at normal levels.

Take a close, honest exam of your heart. Then take a scan to get a clear picture of how your words, attitudes and actions affect you and others. Perhaps you’ve been on “wisdom blockers” and need to change your prescription.


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