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40 Days of Prayer

Come back every day at 6am starting on January 1, 2022 to see your daily prayer prompts for 40 Days of Prayer.

What does it look like to seek God daily in prayer?

Start each day with 15 minutes of prayer and meditation in the scriptures.

Take 10 at the midday to ask God to continue guiding us throughout the day.

End the day in 15 minutes of prayer with family or a friend, share how God is leading you each day and what action you plan to take.

A simple plan to have daily devotion

1. Read: Read the passage repeatedly look for words or phrases that grab your attention, highlight or underline the passage.

2. Reflect: Take a few minutes to sit quietly and reflect on the scripture passage for today.

3. Respond: Respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit as your pray and seek God's guidance.

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