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During the year 2022 we will be reading through the New Testament one chapter a day, Monday through Friday, using the he F260 New Testament Bible reading plan.


This plan for busy believers walks readers through the entire New Testament over the course of a year. It’s designed for reading five days a week, giving readers weekends off (with time to catch up if you miss a day).

It also highlights memory verses each week to complement your reading as you journey through the New



Here are two ways that you can participate in the reading plan this year:

Download the YouVersion smartphone app 


The F-260 NT plan is on the YouVersion Bible app where you can start the plan, invite friends to join you, and even set reminder notifications.


This is the best way to follow along in 2022, by having the whole reading plan at your fingertips! 

Get the F260 New Testament Reading Plan PDF


You can print this, keep it in your Bible, and track your progress to keep you on schedule.




A H.E.A.R. Journal is a simple way to help you read the Bible with the goal of applying it to your life. This method promotes reading the Bible with a life-transforming purpose. Our focus should not be just checking off the boxes on our daily reading schedule, but on hearing from God and having our lives transformed by His Word. By asking four simple questions, we can begin to understand and apply any passage of scripture to our lives. In addition, journaling is a great discipline, because it helps us retain three times more of what we read.



The acronym H.E.A.R. stands for Highlight, Explain, Apply, and Respond. Each of these four steps contributes to creating an atmosphere to hear God speak. After settling on a reading plan and establishing a time for studying God’s Word, you will be ready to HEAR from God.